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“Everybody is thrilled with the performance of INSIGHT. INSIGHT has enabled our sales managers to compile and disseminate data with very little time invested and with just a few clicks. Additionally, our sales managers are now also able to communicate better with their teams, arrive at clearly defined goals for each of their DSR’s and measure results within given time frames.”

Cal Graves – CIO, Graves Foods

Insight measures all critical business metrics and key performance indicators and delivers over 100 real-time profitability reports that identify the profit of every customer, segment, category, sku and vendor-every day.

  • Insight’s reports and scorecards—on sales, income, customers, categories, products and invoicing—accurately identify who buys and who doesn’t buy, what is profitable and what isn’t profitable, trade-spend ROI and much more.
  • Insight’s proprietary account penetration tool identifies the best new sales opportunities to achieve optimal product mix by customer, optimize margins on existing sales and generate new profits through targeted competitive strategies.
  • Insight’s customizable dashboard tool monitors key performance indicators and identifies where changes might need to be made—small or large—to optimize profit. Insight’s dashboard assures that all members of the management team are on the same page to bring real value to an organization.

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