Trade Spend Optimizer for Manufacturers

In addition to distributor profit improvement solutions, Trackmax offers transaction-based tracking, forecasting and analytical software to help manufacturers target profitable growth.

Trade Spend Optimizer (TSO) helps manufacturers effectively align trade spend with their most profitable customers and products, improving revenues, margins and profit contribution.

Tracking Profits

  • Accurate, Complete Real Time Deal Accounting: The system captures all (at and after invoice) layers, types, and categories of trade programs in one central database then automatically calculates and validates all trade spend programs by customer by invoice line item.
  • Full Visibility and Control of Trade Spend: The system monitors account spend, profit and loss through real time reports that can be generated by cases, dollars, percentages, by region, RSM, by broker, customer, category and SKU.
  • Easy Validation & Reconciliation of Claims & Deductions. The system troubleshoots discrepancies reducing unauthorized claims, pinpointing unresolved claims, reconciling & reducing human error and administrative costs.
With Trade Spend, manufacturers effectively:
  • Identify actionable product, category, market segment, customer, sales person and zone/area voids
  • Launch promotions that turn your trade spend from a sales cost to a measurable pay-for-performance investment
  • Identify optimal product mix opportunities
  • Link trade spend to specific distributor or operator program, to an increase in a product’s sales, or distinguish between poorly performing and profitable trade spend investments

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